I wanted to get my personal website live before 2019. I’ve done a lot of things to set this up. There are still a lot of things todo. I’ll list them below, and hope it is of help. Also this is my first blog post, if you didn’t notice.

Things I’ve done to get website live

  1. Decide on stack. (Jekyll + Bulma.io)
  2. Created my layouts from scratch. (Default + Post)
  3. Added pages for home, blog, projects, photography, links.
  4. Set custom header and footer for each pages.
  5. Set permalink for _posts content to /blog/:year/:month/:title.
  6. Added Feed and SEO.
  7. Added Disqus comments.
  8. Added Google Analytics.
  9. Registered a Domain.
  10. Added githubs custom domain IPs as A record in DNS
  11. Added CNAME in repository

Things still left to do

  1. Automate photo wall generation.
  2. Photo wall should be available within scrollable modal components.
  3. Add a good About page.
  4. Add searchable list of heading tags at the beginning in each post.
  5. Add blog share options in blog pages. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn)